Ken Malloy, Executive Director and caem Founder, named one of the five Energy Innovation Leaders by Public Utility Fortnightly, has been involved in energy policy for 30 years. Ken started his career as a law professor teaching in the field of economic regulation. He served as an attorney and policy director with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, as Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel with the Illinois Commerce Commission, and then with the US Department of Energy’s policy office for over 10 years specializing in natural gas, electric, and oil competition policy. He worked with an international consulting firm developing an index ranking the emergence of competitive natural gas and electric retail markets as part of Project ACCESS.
For 10 years, Ken has run non-profit think tanks on energy policy that he founded. While CEO of the Center for the Advancement of Energy Markets, he developed the Retail Electricity Deregulation or RED Index to rank state/national/international policies on electricity competition. The RED Index was featured in a full page spread in USA Today after the debacle in California. ( Four annual editions of the RED Index were published and used by state regulators and legislatures in developing retail electricity competition. Ken’s role in the reform of natural gas and electric markets during the 1980s and 1990s underlies his approach to ecoviergy policy.

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